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  • When we were looking for a good school for our daughter, we were quite confused but teaching methodologies and the aura of KIDS’ ARENA International Pre-School convinced us to admit our daughter in it. All the festivals are celebrated in the school along with several other activities ensuring a strong foundation of the budding kids.
  • Mr. Jitendra and Mrs. Ramkanya Thakur Parents of Himani Thakur

  • We can tell you that we are very happy with the school, its employees and the education they provide to our son. We are very satisfied with the teachers. I as a project leader in a software company can say that the growth that KIDS’ ARENA International Pre-school has experienced over the last years is quite impressive. Good Work!!!
  • Mr. Swarnim and Mrs. Geetanjali Shrotriya
  • Our daughter went to KIDS’ ARENA International Pre-School and I saw her grow in confidence and willingness to go to school and she loved the entire experience. The teachers here are kind, loving, caring, perceptive, inventive, flexible, warm and wise. I am happy; my child gets to spend time with them – Thank you KIDS’ ARENA!!!
  • Mr. Shashank and Mrs. Yukti Patwari – Parents of Shubhi Patwari)
  • KIDS’ ARENA International Pre-School is best in area. We found overall growth in our child. Extra activities are playing vital role in child’s progress. Trained and qualified teachers and active Management.
  • Mr. Vijay and Mrs. Nisha Khandelwal – Parents of Srishti Khandelwal

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