Our Curriculum

We believe that Curriculum decides the Credibility of any school. Stronger the curriculum stronger base of child can be founded by the school. In KIDS’ ARENA INTERNATIONAL, we use a well-researched and specially designed day-wise curriculum for all our classes which is based on following areas of child development.

Physical Health and Movement Skills

These activities are designed to help develop your child’s large and small muscle control, her coordination, and her overall physical fitness.

Social and Emotional Development

Activities in this area target your child’s ability to make and keep social relationships, both with adults and with other children. So that, they can learn to recognize and express their feelings more effectively and understand & respond to the emotions of others.

Cultural development and Moral Values

We organize many activities which make our kids familiar to our culture and moral values are inculcated by practical approaches.

Approaches to Learning

Children differ in how they approach new tasks, difficult problems, or challenges. These activities will spark your child’s curiosity, interest, and attention and the ability to stay on task.

Generation of Thinking Abilities

Different activities under this will make your child learn “how to learn”, improving their problem-solving ability and abstract thinking.

Communication & Language

These activities will help your child learn to express himself and to understand what others say.


Under this, early reading and writing skills are targeted.

Development of Creativity

Children in KIDS’ ARENA INTERNATIONAL are given number of opportunities to explore and share their thoughts, ideas and feelings.