KIDS’ ARENA INTERNATIONAL PRE-SCHOOL runs in assistance with society VIBHA VIDYA PRASARINI directed by Mr. Dinesh Gupta and Mrs. Bharti Gupta. VIBHA VIDYA PRASARINI got established in year 1998 and travelled a long journey with the mission of quality education accessible to all. The inception year of KIDS’ ARENA INTERNATIONAL PRE-SCHOOL was 2015. “If the root is strong only then the tree is strong” with this feeling, we constantly try to do something better so that your children grow up and make you feel proud. Our first objective is to provide good facilities in affordable fees. At the same time because of our infrastructure, facilities, advanced and modern education system and our style of work, you can proudly say that your child is KIDS’ ARENAian.  


                 Personal Care

We believe in “Your Kid Our Family” philosophy. Here, in KIDS’ ARENA INTERNATIONAL, Students and Staff, all are like a family where children can ask anything, demand anything, share whatever they feel and quench their curiosity.

                Celebrations and activities

In India, we are having a rich culture which includes our environment, our seasons, our festivals etc. When our tiny toddlers enter the school, they step out of their homes for the first time and everything is new for them so they must be introduced to our culture in a creative manner. For children, the best way to introduce the things is to “celebrate” them. In KIDS’ ARENA INTERNATIONAL the whole session is full of Celebrations. We carry out numerous activities such as Art, Dance, Yoga, Meditation etc. on daily basis which will lead to the social, cultural, physical and intellectual development of the child.

                Quality and Affordable education

Academics are now being emphasized more than that in the past years because there is more research substantiating that a child is able to perform more than what we used to expect. KIDS’ ARENA INTERNATIONAL believes that the Quality education is the need of the hour. And that is why we use researched and updated curriculum and latest technologies for teaching purpose such as using smart classes. We carry out many educational events, games, educational toys activities, puppets shows, flash cards activities and much more. Unconventional teaching methodologies used by us, make the learning so much fun for our kids and that in the affordable fees. We are committed to provide “Quality and Affordable Education”, which makes us different from others.

                Stay Connected

As much as we are connected to our students, we want to be equally connected with their parents. So, “Stay Connected” is an initiative by KIDS’ ARENA INTERNATIONAL in which parents are regularly updated with the day to day activities, pictures and the videos of their kids and events happening in the school, through Whats app, Facebook and Instagram. Very soon we are coming with our Mobile Application also. Time to time suggestions and feedbacks are invited from the parents and kids’ progress related issues can be discussed in Parents Meeting and Counseling sessions organized as per schedule.

                 Moral Values

Children are prized possessions and every parent wishes that his or her child grows into a responsible and dutiful citizen of the country. Children who are taught moral values right from a very young age learn to differentiate between the right and wrong by the time they reach the age of 5 or 6. We believe that for developing strong and impressive personality of child along with imparting a good education, teaching moral values to children is extremely important. That is why the lessons of unconditional love, kindness, honesty, hard work, respect for others; cooperation, compassion and forgiveness are integral part of KIDS’ ARENA INTERNATIONAL’s curriculum.

                Other Facilities

  • Colourful, well equipped and well-furnished class rooms.
  • Smart Classes
  • Play zone
  • Hygienic and Separate toilets for girls and boys
  • Kids’ Library
  • Fire safety facilities
  • First Aid Facility
  • Hygienic environment
  • Stage Exposure
  • Researched Curriculum
  • Dance, Yoga, Meditation
  • Regular tips for parents
  • Pre exam plans distribution and discussion
  • Low Student-Teacher ration
  • Experienced and trained teachers
  • Transport facility
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